Wifi File Transfer For PC, Android, IOS And Mac - Filedrop

Filedrop is a tiny application for sending files between devices within one network. It is simple and friendly. Launch Filedrop on two devices and then drag and drop files between them. You can use your phone like a portable usb drive. Filedrop files to your phone and it will appears in Downloads. When you need it on another computer, just filedrop it from your phone. With Filedrop, playing music through a DJ's computer is easy. Choose songs you want to play, tap Stream button, confirm it on the target device.

Filedrop is pretty similar to AirDrop, considering that both are Wi-Fi ad-hoc services. Several Macs need to be on the Wi-Fi network and sharing a file is as easy as drag-and-dropping it at you friend’s computer icon. It basically replaces USB stick and cloud services. Now, Filedrop works pretty much the same way, with exception that you can use it on Macs and Windows PC’s as well, which means that you effortlessly share files, and almost instantly.

Download Links are Here

Android PC - Windows

It is important to say that Filedrop needs to installed and open on every single computer which needs to be in a sharing network. Filedrop is a standalone application, and if you close its window you will close this application, and thus you will close a possible sharing connection to your computer. I find this to be a bit annoying, since developers could have made it menu bar-compatible, so it can always run in the background. However that’s not the case.

Once you and your friends or coworkers open Filedrop, and assuming you’re all on the same Wi-Fi network, all you need to do is drag-and-drop a file into Filedrop’s window (of the appropriate end-user) and some green fireflies will start swirling around. That means that file is being uploaded, and after that an end-user should receive a notification if they want to accept an incoming file. This file will be saved in Downloads folder by default, but you can change that accordingly. You will also receive a confirmation that file has been successfully sent. The interface is fairly simple, and could be a little bit more attractive, even though notifications are designed in an OS X-friendly manner.

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