Mosaizer Pro - Create Mosaic Art With Your Pitures

Mosaizer Pro makes it very easy to create mosaics and add mosaic effect to your photos. It’s highly customizable, easy to use, if you don’t want all the advanced settings you can just stick to the simple wizard and leave it at that.

Characteristics of Mosaizer Pro
A photo mosaic is a picture which is built from hundreds or thousands of small pictures. Each of these smaller pictures has a certain color impression, and when looking from a distance the original source picture is recognised. If looking from close-up, the individual pictures can be seen. With Mosaizer Pro you can make such photo mosaic pictures. But Mosaizer Pro can do much more that just that.

The key features are:
create photo mosaics (current limit: 51 GB size)
build a pictures from pieces of itself (a unique feature called ‘the Mosaizer’
and masks to create invisible boundaries between sub-pictures and allow for smooth picture overlaps
extensive pre- and post-processing with filters, masks, color corrections and design settings
32-bit alpha-masks to combine overlay effects with transparency and to create 3D true effects
brush masks to create true painting effects on any source bitmap
multiple layers mosaic (a unique feature!)
create a photo mosaic picture from only one
(16-bit) masks, overlays and source masks to fully control the shape and pattern
of the photo mosaic
patterns, such as circles, spirals and hexagons to add that one and only
special effect
overlay textures to create a 3D surface effect, for example a burlap or canvas

Some examples from Mosaizer Pro
Examples of the key features are shown on the right. From top to bottom: the use of the ‘mosaizer’ tool with the madonna of Edvard Munch
; using an alpha mask for a photo-mosaic
to create transparency on the edges of each sub-picture; photo-realistic euro’s
with use of an alpha mask and a source-mask; and the use of a 32-bit alpha mask
in combination with a shadow effect.

Other features of Mosaizer Pro
picture Library creation and management (add, merge)
Mask Manager to fully control the use of all the masks, overlays
, 32-bit masks and patterns
preview functionality to quickly test and evaluate the effect of the chosen settings
library match
function to quickly assess the color matching capabilities of a certain set of pictures
a choice of 3 color match algorithms to better tune the choice of color matching with the color palette of the chosen picture library. When a mosaized picture is reconstructed back with the same size settings as its pieces, the match is now 100% accurate.
the speed of photo mosaic creation: a 6000 picture (16MB size) photo mosaic will take about 10 seconds on the recommended configuration.
almost unlimited size of the mosaic: max 4.6 GB bitmap size with a limit of 4 million sub-pictures. That would equal a poster of approximately 200 m2 at 72 dpi

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