Vivaldi New Version with new features and UI options

The Vivaldi browser developers who intend to make it a powerful replacement for the now abandoned Opera 12 have released a new weekly build of their browser. Unlike many previous builds, changes in Vivaldi are notable for the regular user as they are not only under the hood but also in the user interface. Let's take a closer look.

The ability to manage search engines
The user interface related to managing search engines is more refined and more intuitive. Developers promise to implement the ability to sort the list of search engines in the near future.

The ability to disable colorful tabs
This is the most requested change by Vivaldi users. Many of them did not like the way the browser picked the frame color for the opened page, based on the color of the favicon. Earlier, when you disabled the colorful tabs feature, Vivaldi used a bright red color instead of the calculated color. Personally, I never liked that red color. Starting with build, the Vivaldi browser will use a less glaring, grey color instead of the bright red color. Untick the option "Color Active Tab" in preferences and check out your favorite page:

Tabs now have a border

Many users also complained that it is hard to tell where the tab ends, as tabs had no border around them. With Vivaldi, tabs now have a nice tiny border which separates tabs from each other.

Improved mouse gestures

In Vivaldi browser's Setttings, there appear to be new options dedicated to mouse gestures. You can see which mouse gestures are available in the browser and what they do. In the near future, it will be possible to assign your own gestures. Developers say that all you need to do is draw a gesture and assign an action to it.

The rest of the changes include improved spatial navigation and several bug fixes. You will find the complete change log as always below.

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