Ultimate Protection With Kaspersky Total Security 2015

Kaspersky Total Security delivers ultimate security for computers. protecting your privacy, finances, identity, photos, files and children – on your PC.

Kaspersky Total Security,
Defends you against today’s Internet threats,
Delivers our ultimate multi-device protection,
Safeguards your privacy,
Adds security for online banking & shopping,
Secures your identity, photos, files & more,
Keeps your kids safe online,
Simplifies security management,
Combines protection and performance.

 - Features
  • Anti-malware
  • Safety checks
  • Automatic Exploit Prevention
  • FREE, automatic updates*
  • Safer networking*
  • System Watcher & Anti-Blocker*
  • Application Control*
  • Network Attack Blocker
  • Anti-Banner*
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Webcam Protection*
  • Secure Keyboard*
  • Virtual Keyboard*
  • Privacy Protection*
  • Safe Money*
  • Password Manager
  • Backup, Encryption & File Shredder
  • Online backup
  • Parental Control
  • Multi-Device Security
  • Anti-Theft*
  • Simplified Centralized Security Management
  • Security Optimized for Performance
  • Gamer Mode*

Safeguard Your Money When You Bank, Shop or Pay Online Award-winning Safe Money technology secures financial transactions, adding layers of security when you bank, shop or use payment websites online.

Protect Your Privacy From Webcam Spying and More Detects phishing websites attempting to steal personal information and hackers trying to spy on you through your PC’s webcam.

Check the Security of Your Wi-Fi Connection Verifies the security of public Wi-Fi, checks for connection vulnerabilities and notifies you of potential threats.

Protection For Your Digital Identity Includes Kaspersky Password Manager to securely store all your passwords and identities, syncs them across your devices, and generates strong passwords and auto-fills web forms.

Scheduled Backup & FREE Online Backup Allows you to access and retrieve your precious photos, music, and financial documents if they are lost, stolen, or you suffer a hard disk failure.

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet Parental Controls help protect kids from predators and inappropriate content, controls access to games and social media, and prevents unwanted purchases.

Manage Security Across All of Your Devices Makes it easy to manage your devices from a single website. Check your protection status, activate security functions, manage your license, and more.

Minimum System Requirements
An Internet connection is required – for product activation
Approximately 480 MB free space on the hard drive
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive (for installation)
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8 or higher
Microsoft Windows® Installer 3.0 or higher
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher
Webcam Protection technology only runs on Pcs. The feature is available for a wide range of compatible web-cameras; the list of compatible devices is available here.
Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 7 / Vista (32-bit or 64-bit**)

Processor: 1 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows XP Home / Professional (32-bit) SP3 or higher / Professional (64-bit**) SP2 or higher
Processor: 800 MHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 512 MB

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